Jeri Yuttayong and Diane Malkin - 2GeekyChicks - London 2017 ©JeriYuttayong
Jeri Yuttayong and Diane Malkin – London 2017 ©JeriYuttayong

Welcome to 2 Geeky Chicks, glad you decided to stop by.

Who are we?

2 Geeky Chicks was created in January 2018 by Diane Malkin and Jeri Yuttayong, two chicks from either side of the Atlantic.

Our working collaboration began when we found ourselves blogging together on another website dedicated to award-winning actor David Tennant. But our interests didn’t stop with Mr Tennant and his fine body of work though, as we found common ground on a plethora of other TV and film projects. These include Doctor Who (of course!) and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What do we do?

We have a love for attending conventions and other events featuring David Tennant, Doctor Who, TV and film. This site is dedicated to our coverage of those events with a splattering of news and reviews on anything that takes our geeky fancy.

This is a passion project for us both and we hope you will enjoy what we share.

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